technical and performative features - Borrowing it’s construction delivery techniques from industrial and automotive design, the project’s major elements are designed as a series of high-tech components that are manufactured under rigorous factory conditions and assembled on-site.

Representing a new model in campus and facility planning based upon biotechnological design processes, the building performatively results in:  less initial construction cost, less construction waste, less construction time, less maintenance cost, less energy consumption, greater floor area efficiency (overlapping floor plates), less site disturbance (greater density while working with existing topography), greater emergency event safety for occupants, flexible floor plates for wide range of curriculum organizations, easily accessible mechanical systems, and predominantly US-sourced in it’s materials and components.

architectural narrative - A campus planning proposal on one of the last remaining parcels of ocean-front real estate in La Jolla, the project anticipates new planning methodologies that prioritize the notion of context over the notion of the object.

Building zoning is prioritized vertically rather than horizontally.  A study in the notion of ‘precinct’ the project’s structural methodology seeks to reveal the complex inter-relationships of spatial determinants rather than simply defining space for use.  In this way, structure becomes a tool for spatial analysis, inter-twining it’s revelations into the buildings’ own spatial configurations.

The topic of Genetic and Biotechnological Engineer design are ethically loaded subject matters - therefore, it becomes incumbent that the architecture not only suggest, but actually facilitate an broader calculus of ethical consideration is paramount in these advanced sciences.  A method of connecting program sectionally as well as planimetrically creates a system of communal ‘checks and balances’, making sure each branch of research is both influenced and vetted by another.  Wonderfully, this active form of cross-pollination, herein akin to a liturgy, mirrors the best methods of inter-disciplinary education within the modern sciences.

University of California-San Diego - School for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

- San Diego, California, USA