technical and performative features - Following the conversation of the 1970’s Punk axiom from DIY (do it yourself) to DIT (do it together), the faculty is designed to be constructed by the community it serves.  While still engineered, designed, and constructed by professionals, the majority of systems are designed to be locally sourced, crafted, and supplied by local craftsman within the immediate community.

  1. Reconstruction of the water tower includes reinforcement off the existing steel frame and concrete base, the creation of a new rain-screen fenestration skin, and the creation of a new operable roof lid. 

  2. A service floor below the stage consists of unisex restroom facilities and lobby.  A mechanical mezzanine divides the stage and service floor.  Steel catwalks spiral around the outside perimeter, providing both circulation and audience viewing space to the band below.

  3. An enclosed yet open-air ‘vented’ facility, the mechanical system provides forced air ventilation for air exchanges with auxiliary heat only for winter conditions.  Since the skin dissipates daytime heat quickly, and the faculty is cool during evening hours by ventilation alone.

  4. The skin, effectively a vented rain-screen system, is constructed of recycled automotive and building glazing units and held in place by a customized, locally-constructed glazing clip. 

  5. Catwalks are constructed of aluminum pipe, aluminum mesh, and aluminum grating, and are simultaneously attached and hung to/from the steel superstructure with catalyst bond-breakers between steel and aluminum.

  6. As the mechanically-actuated roof lid opens, a cable-drawn light fixture (custom designed) raises into place with the space. 

  7. The public address system (sound monitors) are located beneath and around the stage.  Therefore, when the roof is open, acoustic energy is directed upward and outward, creating a linear sound delivery system even though located within a circular space.  As with the programmatic organizational strategy, the acoustic are oriented vertically.

architectural narrative - The PUNK Alternative Music Venue occupies a re-purposed roof-top water tower. The venue is the vertical manifestation of a radial urge - the essence of a punk rock performance. 

Played less for an audience than it is for self-expression, the musicians occupy the ground level while all audience members occupy a series of catwalks above.  With windows to the city below, the musicians perform for the city itself. 

The venue itself infects the building below, it’s introverted energy expressing itself as extroverted praxis in creating a new atrium lobby for the aging existing building upon which it rests.  This atrium lobby provides not only access to the roof-top venue, but light and circulation for the existing building.  Creating a symbiotic relationship, the existing building and venue symbiotically exchange energies for both each other and the surrounding city.

Seen as a technological and industrial burden of disuse with the urban landscape - the found object becomes both background and object …. ruined background by day and energized object by night.

PUNK - Alternative Music Venue

- Downtown Arts District, Las Angeles, California, USA